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Comparing the Book of Revelation as prophecy and the factual history of God's relationship with the Jews over the last 2000 years.



This book is a compilation of what already exists at, my postings on Facebook under, and my other Christian writings delineated at

I did not try to complete this book before publishing it because this book will never be completed. After I integrate all that I have already written, I will still be adding to and editing based on my ongoing research, new information, responses to my commentary in this book, etc.

The reality is that you cannot integrate the truth that is below quickly into your cosmology, your Christianity, so there is no point in my rushing to force feed you everything all at once.

The good thing about electronic publication is that it is not set in stone as is true of a traditionally published paper, cardboard and glue book. As soon as something needs to be added or edited to this publication, it can be done. By updating the file, the current edition of the book will be immediately available to the world human society.


When I was 8 I was told  I was going to die. I was like What? Die? Well why did I come to this place? About 30 years ago by studying all the major religions, all the research is on, I saw the reality which is that we are just immortal infinite souls temporarily residing in finite mortal bodies. We come to this dreamscape because it is more intense than the spiritual dreamscape. That’s it. We are in this big multiplex theater, we go in sit down watch a movie, come out, get some snacks and then go into the next movie. Thats all there is folks. And by the way aliens are real. I have been manipulated by them and I have seen their space ship when they examined me at 8. Not a dream. Reality. Just more reality the Evangelicals must process in the coming decades.

The dreamscapes are infinite in number. The good thing is that on the upper level of spirituality there is no duality. No time no space, no begining no end, back to quantum physics. So as the book of Genisis says all this dreamscape began with God's thought, a spark of light in the infinite void, the Infinite Oneness, that evolved all that you experience with your limited senses and infinitely more than these crude little human bodies cannot conceive of. We are like driving around in VWs as opposed to spaceships. In a spaceship we would have a much greater expanded consciousness but still a long way from infinite knowing. Just like the way you wake up into a much expanded dreamscape when you exit your human body at death.. Yes there is more. I am working on it. Stay tuned. Dr John WorldPeace JD.




There were three entities that created the Jesus Christ messiahship 2000 years ago.
John the Baptist, who Jesus said was the reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah, Jesus, and Paul who established the church. Paul was one of the most brilliant individuals on the planet at that time.

In 313 CE the Emperor Constantine made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire. In 382 CE at the Council of Rome, the Catholic Church determined the official content of the contemporary Christian Bible.

In 1200 CE, St Francis of Assisi, who like the Buddha was raised in wealth and then abandoned it all for a spiritual life, transformed the Catholic Church which had significantly degenerated and become corrupt. He established the Franciscan order of monks from which many Popes have come. Francis like the Apostle Peter had no academic background.

1n 517 CE, Martin Luther brought about the Protestant Reformation. Protestantism was established as an alternative to Catholicism. Martin Luther was like the Apostle Paul a brilliant scholar.

Presently, Christianity is in crisis. In a word, it has not been successful in bringing in the post baby boomer generations into the church. Catholicism is stagnated in a world of change within the world human society; significantly in its refusal to allow women to become priests. In a word, the Catholic church is determined to keep women second class citizens globally.

Protestantism is presently overly influenced by Evangelicals who believe in the False Book of Revelation and are focused on the imminent doom and gloom of its message of Apocalypse and the Second Coming of Jesus. (Jesus was born, was crucified, died and was resurrected and that resurrection was the Second Coming of Jesus) Jesus said he was with us always and that where two or more were gathered he would be present. No member of any Christian church would even consider standing up on Sunday during service and stating that Jesus was not present. If he is present, which he is, then a Second Coming of a very much present and active Jesus is nonsense.

Consequently, it is time for Christianity to deal with the reality that the Book of Revelation is False or at the least not applicable to the present day. Christians need to among other things quit waiting on Jesus to show up and clean up the mess that Christians and other humans have made in the world and world human society and get on with looking at the long term healing of the planet and increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

Therefore, it is time for another in depth look at Christianity, like the Reformation 500 years ago, and its undeniable dark and unloving acts which are contrary to the teachings of Jesus and are grounded in arrogance and judgment. In a word, it is time for an adjustment, or if you will a Second Reformation, to bring about a regeneration of Evangelicalism with a more Jesus oriented agenda.

I, Dr John WorldPeace JD, like the Apostle Paul and Martin Luther am a scholar, but also in addition I have a Doctorate of Jurisprudence and experience practicing law for 20 years with specific skills to comment on the contradictory statements in the Christian New Testament. I am called by God to initiate this Second Reformation. This calling is no more or less than the calling attested to by every Christian preacher and priest in the world human society; that they are called by God to preach or teach Christianity.

If you think someone else has been called to this task, then who is my peer in this endeavor.

There is no other follower of Jesus in the world (Christians are followers of Jesus who hold membership in a Christian church, I have no such membership.) who has even considered taking on this task. There are only sideline commentators of various skills but none like myself who is challenging the false beliefs of Christians supported by what Jesus calls false prophets and having a negative impact on the level of peace in the world human society. My resume can be found at Use this website as a template to find my peer or peers if any. My life is an open book and has been since the invention of the internet.

I am different from my predecessors because I have no intention of starting a new church or organization with members, disciples, elders, followers, and so on. I have no organization to contribute money to. I will teach teachers and others. I will remain one man, one messenger, and through those teachers who already exists within Christianity all over the world, my message will be put to the test of truth and we will see what happens. In other words, I have come to start a conversation to adjust the false teachings and abuses within the current iteration of Christianity. And if there is a determination to cleanse and purge the false teaching of Christianity, there will be a new birth of Christianity, and what is more, the level of peace in the world human society will increase.

I am a follower of Jesus. I am a member of no organization religious or group or religious bureaucracy.

I come as fire and water. Fire to burn out the cancerous manifestations of Christianity and subsequently as Water to increase the peace of Christianity as was the intent of Jesus and to also increase the level of peace in the world human society.

With the publishing of this book, the process begins and nothing will be able to stop the fire that I have thrown out upon the earth until such time as it has done its job. And that job is to burn out and cauterize the false and skewed teachings that Christian religious bureaucracies have installed and promoted as doctrine and dogma to support their bureaucracies at the expense of the teachings of Jesus.

There are no secret teachings that I am presenting. I am only commenting on the red-letter words of Jesus in the contemporary Christian bibles. The highest teachings are those in red letters in the Christian New Testament. It is from those teaching that we shall begin our house cleaning. I bring only one new belief and that is that Peter at the end of the Book of John was not referring to John but to Mary Magdelene when he asked Jesus, “what about him?”, which should have been, “what about her?”. Peter would have no reason to ask that question about John who was as much of aa apostle as the original 12.

Here is an example of one of the false teachings I am talking about. Jesus said no one knows the time of the end times except God: not even Jesus. Yet 70 plus years after Jesus’ death the Book of Revelation appeared. It was according to the Catholic church not written by the Apostle John but more than likely a disciple of the Apostle John. Now on its face, this makes John the Elder, the most arrogant man on the planet. He claims to know what God knows and Jesus did not know. 

Consider this, which is important in the argument of the Book of Revelation as a False prophecy, by not knowing the date of the Second Coming then we cannot know the political realities of the time of the Second Coming. And what you end up with is all this force fitting of all the imagery of the Book of Revelation into contemporary times that has occurred and reoccurred since the writing of the Book of Revelation 1900 years ago.

There have been many predictions going back 1900 years and they have all been wrong and all such predictions in the future will be wrong because Jesus said, NO ONE KNOWS THE TIME. And the red-letter sayings of Jesus are controlling in my commentary and arguments.

Consequently, America Christians have determined to support Israel based in part on the False beliefs about the false teaching of the Book of Revelation with the resulting chaos and injustice foisted on the Middle East in general and the Palestinians in specific that has persisted since WWII and the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Carving off the false teachings of contemporary Christianity will lead to clarity and the increasing of peace in the world human society. There has been too much emphasis on looking to the future with the Book of Revelation as a Template and not enough looking back at actual history of how God has dealt with the Jews and more specifically with the Zionist.

So not only am I the Messenger regarding the contemporary Reforming of Christianity I am also the premier secular advocate of peace in the world human society. And in that capacity, I am an advocate for peace but I am not a pacifist. Pacifism will get us nowhere. Pacifism was responsible for 6 millions plus Jews and others exterminated by the Germans in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Pacifism resulted in the Americans committing genocide against the Native Americans and making money off the egregious practices of slavery until the end of the American Civil War. You see that is where pacifism often leads; to war which is what Pacifist are hoping to avoid. The truth is often paradoxical.



I, Dr. John WorldPeace JD, am an advocate for increasing the level of peace in the world human society. I am a globalist because that is the only true future of the world human society. Nationalism as an intelligent political option in the world of nations is over because the world is too economically integrated and becoming more so every day. TRUMP ZERO’s “America First” Mantra is one of ignorance.
I am a spiritual Christain grounded in the teachings of Jesus. I am an advocate for the reality that America is a place where all races, all religions, all nationalities, all gender live in peace. America is not perfect by any means but on this one issue of a global melting pot that works in the sense that people are not demeaned, discounted, marginalized based on race, religion, national origin, or gender American Democracy is an undeniable success. This internal reality of America can be exported to the rest of the world. American democracy is a secular democracy. There is a Christian ethic and morality underlying the secular democracy but religion is kept on a very short leash in regards to permeating American secular democracy with religious doctrine and dogma and religious law.
I believe in Reincarnation, not because Jesus verified it:
"And if you are willing to accept it, John himself is Elijah who was to come." Matt 11:14
but because I have memories prior to being born into this reality.
I believe that viewing each human being as a manifestation of an immortal infinite soul incarnate in a finite mortal human body will cause a much different philosophy to emerge with regards to dealing with each other.
When we acknowledge that someone living a peaceful nonaggressive, nonpredatory, minimalist, non-accumulating, simple life is just as valid as living a high-intensity life at the top of the economic pyramid, our prejudice and contempt, and disdain for these other lifestyles will be reduced. The undeniable truth is that no matter what you accumulate it will all be taken away from your dead body your immortal spirit leaves behind. This acceptance of other lifestyles will increase the level of peace in the world human society. The overemphasis in the world human society as money and assets being the measure of the worth of a human being is nonsense.
When we acknowledge that our immortal infinite spirit chooses prior to birth, our race, religion, nationality, and gender we cannot judge another person because they do not fit our choices in the same areas. All choices of race, religion, nationality, and gender are just as legitimate spiritually as choices of living a simple life compared to an intensely driven life in this earthly dreamscape.
We come into this life, this universe of duality, from a spiritual reality which on the highest planes has no duality; No beginning or end, high or low, hot or cold, light or dark. We incarnate in these heavy bodies for the purpose of experiencing intensity. The very subtle experiences of the senses in the spiritual realm are experienced intensely in the human realm. Our senses are limited so we can concentrate on this limited range of sensory perception. That is all there is to it. Life is about experiencing duality and intensity by limiting the vision of the spirit as it is filtered through the human body.
No one can judge anyone else based on their human life choices.
I am doing exactly what I agreed to do before I was born. It has taken 70 years to fully orientate myself to this reality and to my chosen task to increase the peace in the world human society. I AM CERTAINLY NOT ALONE IN THIS WORK. But I am at the top of the pyramid of those working on the transition of the world human society out of the Age of Pisces (Bureaucratic Religion) into the Age of Aquarius (Humanity with a more expanded understanding of spirituality). If you think I am not at the top of the pyramid of Peace and WorldPeace Advocates: review what I have posted at and then find another human being with an equivalent resume for this work.
Regardless, I have no organization. I am one man with one message. WorldPeace. There is nothing to contribute to. I live an ascetic life with no assets other than a web design business that I have had for 20 years, my writings and my art. I live as Jesus advocated, not concerned about my day to day needs but having 70 years of history with God/Jesus providing what I needed and where I need to go and what I need to do. I live this way in part to show it can be done. I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting, and Law. I have business experience in insurance, accounting, tax, law and web design. I live as I do by choice not because I do not have the education or experience to live higher on the socio-economic pyramid. It is critical to my philosophy that I am living as I am by choice.
Between  2000 BCE and 600 CE most of the patriarchs of the major religions lived. In the 1900's the top end industrialist lived. In the 20th century, the major scientist lived. In the late 20th century the computer and internet entrepreneurs lived. All these were significant global movements within the world human society.
There has never been a Global Peace Advocate who was both secular and religious in orientation. That is who I am. I am at the top of the Peace Advocate pyramid and the closest person to me on this pyramid hierarchy is many levels below me. This is true in part because my path has never been a common life option; a significant career path. And that is because we do not teach peace in the university. If you think about that for a moment it becomes obvious why the level of peace in the world human society is not higher than it is.
I have been sending out resume’s to establish a Teach Peace Curriculum at the college and university level in America and I have received not a single response. Interesting. Religious universities with their brand of peace does not apply to other religions. So religous peace orientations are not valid except in part to the entire world human society.
Technology and science have far outpaced global humanity. It is time to bring politics and the law & religion and spirituality out of the dark ages. We are a global world human society and no matter how foolish and destructive world leaders like TRUMP ZERO are, they are relics of the past. Nationalism, isolationism, military dominance and aggression are no longer workable in an awakening global human society grounded in economics.
Aliens are living with us. For the most part, they are shepherding us into a New Age and protecting us from self-destruction while letting us move forward without total chaos and anarchy.
“As Elisha and Elijah were going along and talking, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire which separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven” 2 Kings 2:11
“ As I looked, behold, a storm wind was coming from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing forth continually and a bright light around it, and in its midst of the fire. Within it there were figures resembling four living beings….” Ezekiel 1: 1-28
I know aliens are real by experience as far back as 1956. I saw two greys, working from a UFO with full knowledge and participation of an American. The time is soon approaching for the aliens to reveal themselves but I do not anticipate that within several more decades. It will take decades for the children of the Third Millennium to take the reins of the world societies. I mention aliens because they will be an integral part of the future of the world human society and it is necessary to prepare for that reality.
I have no conscious communication with alien beings but I know they are directing most of my activities. I have seen an alien implant in dental x-rays that I told the dentist to leave in place and an injection site on my leg for some kind of integrated biotechnology.  I don't spend much time contemplating these beings. I am just aware they are real.
How many millions of human have seen UFO's? Too many to believe the denials of the United States and other government.
Quantum science will be the primary portal to connecting with and verifying spiritual and religious texts that go back 10,000 years or more.
The most important and significant and unique teachings of Jesus are "Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter – Matt 7:7; if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains—Luke 17:20; and, if you believe in me you can do the works that I do and greater works than these will you do. John 14:12-14"
What does this mean? It means we live in a Quantum universe, reality, dreamscape, where we write our own scripts. Everything we think becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I know because I have worked with these words of Jesus all my life. I am not a born-again Christian. I came into this reality with Jesus firmly rooted in my soul.
As to other religions in the world, I refer you to the Book of Job where Job asked God why the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer and God responded by asking Job who he was to ask what God was doing. My spiritual path is a follower of Jesus. Other paths are between the believer and God and not my concern. I am an Advocate of the above teaching of Jesus as the foundational teachings along with Jesus teaching of “Love one another”. But I do not discount, demean, judge another human beings relationship with God.
I will continue to teach what I know to be my agreement to teach in this life. People can believe what they want as long as it does not lead to subordination and violence against other human beings in any form simply based on these beliefs.
It does not matter what people believe. When the body dies, the soul disconnects and returns to an expanded consciousness that reveals the truth regardless of what the spirit believed while incarnate within the human body and its filters.
I am now fully engaged with my destiny. I know my path is one of a WorldPeace Advocate. Where that path will lead between now and my death I do not specifically know. I am just doing my work day-to-day.
With this information, you should be able to understand what I am doing and why. Everything I do is focused on increasing the level of peace in the world human society. There are no secret teachings. Period. I have given you a starting point for many things that you may have never considered.


Let me make a few things perfectly clear about Dr John WorldPeace JD.

First, if you want to know about me see and the 8000 pages there. My life is an open book. If you want more information post a question on my FB Timeline. If you troll me I will block you. Especially if you use vulgar language.

Second, money means nothing to me. I am for the most part an ascetic. I am not owned by anyone and I doubt you will see me with a show on public television where I get big bucks and accusations of being owned or controlled.

Third, what I care about is Advocating Peace and WorldPeace and increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

Fourth, what I care about is challenging the Hypocrisy of Christians who support TRUMP ZERO who is a pathological liar, a money grubbing slum lord, a man who is working hard to deconstruct and undermine all that is America, a divider, an enemy of the FBI, a racist, an unrepentant whore monger and adulterer, a Christian in name only, a hater of the poor, friend of the rich and a denier of health care for every American, an Egocentric with no equal on the world stage, a man using the office of President for profit, etc.

Fifth, A veteran. A man who believes that America as it was before TRUMP ZERO was a world leader and undeniable proof that all races, all religions, all nationalities, all genders can live in peace and harmony. America is a long way from perfect. But American Democracy is the best hope for leading the world human society to an increased level of peace.

Sixth, I am a spiritual Christian and not a religious one. I believe in the teachings of Jesus but not in the Christion religious bureaucracies or any religious bureaucracy. I believe they are just as corrupt as the Jewish Religious Bureaucracy that crucified Jesus 2000 years ago. Some things never change. I believe when there is a choice of promoting the teaching of Jesus or impairing the Christian religious bureaucracy in some way the preservation of the Christian religion will skew the message of Jesus.

Seventh, I believe the greatest impediment to increasing the peace in the world human society is the subordination of women globally. The Catholics, Jews, and Muslims have no intention of allowing women at the top of their Religious Bureaucracies.

Eighth, I believe that those who oppose free birth control, and then oppose abortion, and who refuse to take these unwanted children into their homes and who also refuse to provide welfare for these unwanted children are full of hate and enjoy increasing the pain and suffering in the world human society. And those who do these things under the banner of Christian values are seriously flawed in their philosophy and cosmology. I do not promote abortion but abortion will always exist. I believe free birth control is the best way to reduce the tragedy of abortion.

That is enough for now. I just wanted to clear up a few things about myself.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 180128



The following will give you a truthful example of what this book is about.

Consider that Jesus said many things but no one has said that he wrote anything down. Maybe he did. He was literate. He wrote in the dirt. Let us admit that Jesus may have left a text but we just have not found it yet.

In the meantime, we have to deal with the New Testament writers and their individual emphasis and construction of the things Jesus said. Like a cup of unique beads the various gospels string these beads together in various ways. And the writers to not each use all the beads.

Now this has created some confusion. For instance, are we saved by faith or by works?  That has been much discussed, but that discussion is not over. Why? Because the conclusion does not really make sense.

“Jesus said no one comes to the Father but through me.” John 14:6 So you have to have faith. OK. But that is not the end. You have to believe in Jesus as the son of God and Jesus as the way, the truth and the light to be saved.

OK so you cannot get to heaven by good deeds. Even with good deeds you have to have faith in Jesus.

Now you have professed your faith in Jesus, you are Born Again, you are saved. But you are still alive. After your baptism you go back to your regular life.

Now what did Jesus say about that. He said if you believe in me you will do my will. You will follow my commandments.

“Those who love me will heed what I tell them, and my Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home there. Those who don’t love me won’t  follow my instructions. Of course, the things you heard me say are not mine but come from the Father who sent me.” John 14:23-24.

Now what does love each other mean?

“He will place the sheep to his right and the goats to his left. Then the King will say to those at his right, ‘Come, you who have the blessing of my Father, inherit the domain prepared for you from the foundation of the world. You may remember, I was hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink; I was a foreigner and you showed me hospitality’ I was naked and you clothed me; I was ill and you visited me; I was in prison and you came to see me.’

Then the virtuous will say to him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you or thirsty and give you a drink? When did we notice that you were a foreigner and you showed me hospitality; I was naked and you clothed me; I was ill and you visited me; I was in prison and you came to see me.’

And the king will respond to them: “I swear to you, whatever you did for the most inconspicuous members of my family, you did for me as well.”
Matthew 25:31-46

Conclusion: 1) You must have faith in Jesus Christ as the way the truth and the light. 2) You must then do his will to love one another as I have loved you. The above are acts of love. “A new commandment I give to you. Love one another. As I have loved you, so also you MUST love one another.” John 13:34

Notice the word MUST is used. MUST AS IN MUST.

Now going one step further, with regards to today’s reality of the Dark Soul Donald Trump who was elected President by a minority of the people, he has gone out of his way to deny the poor and children health care. He has given money to his rich constituents and he had stopped the giving of medical care to 15 plus million Americans who cannot afford it.

Voting for Trump is in the past. But continuing day to day to support The Dark Soul Trump acting contrary to the must commands of Jesus to love and take care of the least of you, means that through your continued support, your allowing Trump to stay in office, you CHRISTIANS own his bad deeds. He is your king, so to speak, and what he does you do.

You cannot argue your way out of this reality. When you with health care withhold your support for those who have no health care and exist in pain and suffering and worry and fear; for that you will be held accountable.

Do you think because you claim to be saved that you can refuse to follow Jesus’ MUST command to love one another. Do you think you can allow a Dark Soul Trump to not love and to create pain and suffering because you elected him President and continue to support him and come into the presence of Jesus with clean hands.

Wake up foolish CHRISTIANS. You must believe in Jesus and then you have to Love one Another as he loved you. And if you do not Love one another, if you allow the sick to continue in pain and suffering, you never really believed in Jesus and your baptism with a FAKE Intent was your fraud upon Jesus.

Jesus sees into your heart. He knows all that you do.

“Let me tell you on Judgment Day you will have to account for every thoughtless word you uttered. You own words will vindicate you, and your own words will condemn you.” Matt 12-36-37.

If you will be held accountable for your words, you will certainly be accountable for your acts and your acts committed vicarious through your agent in this case the Dark Soul Donald Trump who you support in his unloving malicious hurtful and UnChristian acts and actions.

In the judgment, you will not be able to argue with God and Jesus. Only fools and Fake and False Christians would be so arrogant to think they can argue lies into truth to God Almighty and Jesus.



Evangelicals make up a significant number of supporters for TRUMP ZERO and most of that support is due to the False Book of Revelation. For the last 100 plus years there has been this End of the World Apocalyptic Book of Revelation conversation that has brought people and money into these Evangelical Churches. Doom and Gloom sells.

Jesus was born, was crucified, died, was resurrected 3 days later. I always believed that and the Shroud of Turin and Sudarium (Facecloth)of Oviedo are the scientific, verified evidence of the resurrection. Yelp! Do the research. They are the real thing. Jesus was a real person and he was crucified to the death and then he was resurrected.

  1. The Resurrection was the second coming if you will. Jesus said "I am with you always" and "where two or more are gathered, I am there." No minister will say that Jesus is not present at his service. Yet some talk about a Second Coming. This is illogical nonsense. Jesus is present or he is not. Jesus cannot return if he never left after the resurrection. You cannot promote both scenario in a serious conversation.
  2.  Further Jesus said no one knows the time of the End except God. The Book of Revelation tries to pinpoint that time. But without the time you dont know the political events that will be in play making the Book of Revelation nonsense. It was written by a disciple of John the Apostle, John the Elder, on the Isle of Patmos which used the sacred mushroom to bring on visions.
  3. Bottom line, Evangelicals want to bring on the Apocalypse so they can go to heaven sooner than later with the Rapture and all. (Just what this article is talking about and what I have been talking about since long before it was published today). But remember God said after the flood he would never wipe out humanity again. The Book of Revelation just appoints a bigger crowd to survive than just Noah and his family in the flood. NO more end of the world so Book of Revelation is False. Again there is a contradiction between Genisis and Revelation and the Book of Revelation is False.
  4. God said he would multiply the Jews, progeny of Isaac, Abraham’s second born to the level of stars in the sky. God has never done that. Jews are 15 million in the world human society. Christians are 2 billion. Christianity was launched out of Judaism. The Jews crucified Jesus the Messiah but the Jews who became Christians and the gentiles recruited by Paul took over from the Jews as the Chosen People of God. The Christians are the direct lineage of the Judaism. (Don’t confuse the semitic race with religionists). The Bible is about religion not race. If it was about race only Jews could be Christians. We know that is nonsense. The Jews apply this phrase Chosen People a lot to themselves but the Truth is that the Christians are the Chosen People of God. Look at the success of Christian America. A Christian nation. Look at the Zionist and Israel a postage stamp nation of religion zealots who are arrogant elitists and exclusionary of non Jews.
  5. The Jews were disbursed by the Romans in 70 AD after the brought about the crucifixion of Jesus.  The Muslims were given Israel by God in 632 CE and they have kept it since; with the exception of 100 years during the First Crusade but the Muslims took it back. God said the progeny of Ismael would be countless. the Muslims are 1 billion plus in number. On the Temple Mount now are the Muslim shrines, the Dome of the Rock and El Aqsa Mosque. The Temple of Solomon was swept away.

    So looking back 2000 years you see God abondoning the Jews giving the Muslims control of the old Israel and the Christians the blessings of being his Chosen People through faith in Jesus Christ the Messiah. This is the historical factual reality.
  6. And we have that business about the Jewish Holocaust which does not indicate God’s favor 2000 years after the crucifixion of Christ. My take on the Holocaust is that it was God's last attempt to let the Jews redeem themselves for crucifying the Messiah God sent to them. They were to become RABID opponents globally of genocide. Instead they just cried and complained about the Jewish genocide by of Hitler and the Nazis. The Zionist set up their own concentration camp for 2 million Palestinians in Gaza. They have created an apartheid state on its way to bringing about an Iran like Theocracy of Jews for the Jews in Israel.

    So the bottom line is that the Christians and the Evangelicals who are a faction of the present Chosen People seem to want to give their status back to the Zionists which is obvious to a blind man against God’s will. The reason the Evangelicals want to abdicate their Chosen People designation is  because they think, per the False Book of Revelation that when the Zionist take over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, scape off the Muslim shrines and rebuild the Temple of Solomon Jesus will come and all the Jews who don’t convert are going to Hell. Just like this article says.

    So the Evangelicals support the Jews to bring on the Second Coming which then in turn terminates the Jews. Pretty convoluted. Yes it is CRAZY EVANGELICAL FALSE LOGIC.

    BOTTOM LINE, undermine the false Book of Revelation by showing the Evangelicals their wrong headedness, they abandon the Book of Revelation and accept that Jesus is already here which they already believe and that they are the Chosen People and they dont need Trump to hand over Jerusalem to the Jews and somehow move the Muslims off the Temple Mount. If they dont need Trump Zero, they abandon Trump Zero.
  7. Also, you see there was a miracle when God brought Muhammed on the scene and fulfilled his promise to Hagar Ismael’s mother and other wife of Abraham that Ismael’s progeny would be countless. They presently number us 1 billion Muslims.

    There was another miracle when Constantine saw the cross at the battle of Milvian Bridge in312 He won the battle and stopped the persecution of the Christians. Within about 100 years Christianity replaced the paganism of the Romans and made Europe and eventually America Christian.

  8. The point is that the Jews taking over their postage stamp country was an administrative act of Harry Truman. Not an act of God. No miracle as with God giving Israel to Islam and converting Constantine to Christianity. So that is my last point about the Jews having been abandoned by God. The good thing about this factual reality over the last 2000 years is that the Christians quit thinking Jesus is going to return from the sky, an event no one would believe even if it happened, it would be classified as FAKE news, and released the idea that the world is going to be made perfect by Jesus who has always been active on earth since his resurrection just as he said he would be.

  9. Therefore the Christians better quit ignoring Climate Change and other bad acts. They need to stop believing they can worship money and stop turning the Garden of Eden into a desert. Jesus is not going to select some good Christians in a Rapture. Jesus said all come short. And then there is the reality that this dreamscape is a duality in constant conflict. If Jesus were to create peace he would turn all humans into stone so they could not interact. That is the only perfect peace future for Christians and their Book of Revelation.

    You see this logical linear factual history will become apparent very soon and then we will have the end of Trump Zero. The factual historical truth is undeniable and the world human society will be uplifted as it moves out of the age of Pisces which is about religion and spirituality, transcendence, prophecies and prophets, drugs, illusion, imprisonment, and fear and moves into the age of Aquarius which is about genius and science, revolution, brotherhood, utopian ideals, immortality, and world culture. There are so many factors that the Christians who believe in the false Book of Revelation ignore. I agree that Trump Zero is a catalyst. You have to admit the whole of American society is engaged in an intense debate about the acts of Trump Zero. Everyone is re-evaluating what they believe about America and American Politics and their religious beliefs and how they integrate with their political views. Great change is coming.
  10. You can find more about religion on my website and my site which is more on point. This second site pulls from all my other sites for an overall view of the Second Reformation of Christianity that is happening now.  There will be a further adjustment to the last Reformation by Martin Luther which created Protestantism but got off track with Evangelicals and their focus on the False Book of Revelation that Martin Luther considered not translating, and the rapid technological advancement of he world human society. So I am further refining Martin Luther's adjustment to Catholicism.

    Religion is an evolving thing and always has been. Judaism to Christianity to Mormonism, Judaism to Islam to the Bahais. Hinduism to Buddhism to Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism with the addition of Taoism we have Zen Buddhism which is the no religion religion and probably the closest to pure spirituality inside a religious bureaucratic organization.

    Once you eliminate the Book of Revelation you spread out to the global religious mentality and connect all the dots (religions) to Christianity which will incorporate the others within the century. Why because the real true foundational message of Jesus is "Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter, if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains, if you believe in me you can do the works that I do" meaning we write our own scripts, everyone can have what they want, which is really what Quantum Physics is about and where religion and science will merge in this century. But for now we have to process and then get rid of TRUMP ZERO before we can move on. Once he has served his purpose he will become irrelevant and America will rebuild but in a joint compromise of what America will be in the future.

    For those of you whose head exploded reading the above, SORRY. Where Trump Zero and Zuckerberg and Jobs and Gates and Bezos devoted their adult lives to bringing on the internet and the pursuit of insane amounts of wealth which they will lose at death in a decade or so, I have put twice as much effort as they  into making sense of out religion, spiritiuality since I was 8 years old and I have rejected any semblance of wealth above food, clothing and shelter.  



I have reinterpreted the foundational books of the Major Religions. Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism (Zen and Tibetan), Taoism, Confuciusism.

I took 5-7 translations of each sacred book and then line by line reinterpreted them with a WorldPeace orientation. It took 3 years when I lived in Denver, Colorado; 1993-6.

The bottom line truth about religion that I came understand.

  1. When Job asked God why the righteous suffer and the evil prosper, God did not respond directly. He just asked Job who he was to ask what God was doing. Where was Job when God made heaven and earth was the pointed question?
  2. So the question is why so many religions when all claim to be the true religion? I do not know God’s thinking but I do know this, if you want a true understanding of religion and spirituality in the world human society you need to study all the major religions. If you do not do this, then you will be like the blind men and the elephant. One thought the elephant was like a wall, one a snake, one a spear, one a tree, one a fan, one a rope based solely on the part of the elephant they experienced.

    Same with those who belong to one religion or the other and never examined other religions; mostly due to prohibitions and warning from their own religion.

  3. I am a believer and follower of the teaching of Jesus. I believe he died and rose from the dead. No other founder of any religion accomplished this.
  4. All religions say: That an infinite immortal soul incarnates in a finite mortal body; “Love one another”; the problem with being human is becoming attached to the world and beginning to think that the tangible finite mortal world is the true reality and the intangible infinite immortal spiritual reality is the dream. Of course, this is nonsense. What is infinite and immortal is superior to what is finite and mortal.
  5. But there is one teaching of Jesus that you do not find in any other religion. Jesus said: “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and it will be opened to you. If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. If you believe in me you will do the works that I do and greater works shall you do.” This means we as individuals and as groups of individuals are writing our own life experience scripts. And collaterally, everything we experience is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The prophecy we believe is selective. We are presented with future scenarios and we select and act on the one most appealing to our belief in the future. And that is the future that we move toward.

  6. The Book of Revelation is false for three reasons. A) Jesus said no one knows about the time of the end time but God. The words of Jesus are the red letter words in the Bible and are superior to all other words. Jesus did not write the Book of Revelation. Whoever did write it presumed to know the mind and will of God. Jesus words state that the author of the Book of Revelation was a false prophet. B) Jesus said, “Lo I am with you always and where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.” Christians go to church and believe Jesus is present. The Book of Revelation says that Jesus will return. Either Jesus is present or he is not. If he is present he cannot return. So a return of Jesus when he never left is nonsense on its face. 3) Jesus said we script our own future. Christians believe in the Second Coming of Jesus. The Second Coming was the resurrection if you want a Second Coming. There are 2 billion Christians who believe that Jesus will return even though they also believe he never left and is present to this day. These are mutually exclusive realities 5.6 billion not-Christians do not believe in Jesus much less the death and Resurrection of Jesus and much less the Second Coming. The Jews think Christians are crazy to believe in Jesus as the Messiah and more insane to believe he was resurrected. The future of the world human society presently has a majority of human beings not believing Jesus was the global Messiah and there is not going to be a Second Coming. So there are more human beings that do not support Jesus than do. If you believe Jesus, and we are scripting our global destiny, the Book of Revelation is definitely wrong.

We live in a dreamscape which we have scripted. It is pliable and fluid. The majority of humans deny Jesus and so the Christian Book of Revelation is not presently part of the future. The Book of Revelation was a projected scripted future of some individuals 2000 years ago and it has been adopted by the Christian Bible.

But keep in mind, that 2000 years ago the Jews had a very clear vision of a coming Messiah and that he would be a warrior to drive out the Romans from Israel. Jesus came as a Messiah with a message of peace and love. The Jews were wrong 2000 years ago and the Christians are wrong about the future of Christianity now.

Have no doubt that there will be a Reformation of Christianity which will cut away the confusion of Christian cosmology and bring about a new Christian evangelicalism but it will not follow the scenario laid out by the false Book of Revelation.



The Infinite Oneness – God

  1. The dreamscape we are presently experiencing is one of duality. Beginnings and Endings. Light and Dark. Past Present Future. Male and Female. In fact, everything that manifests out of the Infinite Potential (Infinite Oneness) in time disintegrates back into the Infinite Oneness.
  2. The immortal infinite soul incarnates in a finite mortal human body. Within the human body, the soul experiences our limited dreamscape.
  3. The Infinite Potential has no duality. There are no beginnings and no endings. This is a great incomprehensible mystery to human beings. They cannot relate to anything that has no beginning and no end.
  4. Yet human beings believe God had no beginning and no end. If God has no beginning and no end then everything that has ever existed and everything that will exist in fact always existed in the mind of God.
  5. Therefore all souls have always existed.
  6. Finite Mortal human bodies cannot create infinite immortal souls. Nor can souls not incarnate in this dreamscape create infinite immortal souls in a spiritual dreamscape.
  7. When human bodies, male and female, create a new body, the soul immediately attaches at conception, when the sperm fertilizes the egg and an embryo forms. This embryo becomes a fetus but it is not alive until it exits its mother’s womb and takes a breath and lives independently outside the womb in which it was conceived. 10 percent of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage by natural process. When a fetus dies, the incarnate spirit disengages from this dreamscape and returns to the spiritual dreamscape. You cannot kill an infinite incarnate soul. Period. You can only kill a human body (vehicle for the soul).
  8. Abortion kills nothing except something that which is always dead, the human body. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. The human body is a creation of other human bodies which were also created from the earth. The human body is made of chemicals from the earth that have been assimilated by another human body. The creating body and the created bodies are nothing but earth, dust.
  9. Now when the baby exits the womb, when it takes a breath and the umbilical cord is cut, the fetus becomes a living human being made up of an infinite immortal soul incarnate within that human body (vehicle). At that moment, everything changes and the living baby has all kinds of rights within society. Anyone who destroys a living human being will suffer severe consequences in the world human society. But understand that destroying the human body does not destroy the infinite immortal soul. The soul returns to the disincarnate dreamscape it came from. Do not confuse death of the body with the death of the soul. Keep that clearly in your mind.
  10. Christians put too much emphasis on abortion which kills only an unborn human fetus and no emphasis on who will support this fetus if it is born. Humans who demand an unwanted fetus be born, and refuse to support that child once born, commit many sins with regards to that child on a societal level and on a spiritual level. This is exactly what Christians do. They demand children to be born and they refuse to support them. This is sick and sadistic. Further, Christians refuse to support birth control. Birth control prevents pregnancy and makes the abortion issue non-existent. Yet these Christians demand there be no public contraception and intentionally knowingly and maliciously create pain and suffering for these unwanted children as well as the parents. It is a sick and sadistic mentality.
  11. Sex is a scripted part of this dreamscape. Primal sex is about making sure the human species continues to provide bodies for infinite immortal souls to incarnate into. There is no sex in the spiritual dreamscape because souls cannot create souls. Therefore, the spiritual body has no gender. Jesus said spiritual bodies are like angel bodies; without gender. So again the Christian insanity that the body that the infinite incarnate soul used and then discards will be the body it is clothed with in the spiritual dreamscape. How insane. The soul entered this reality during conception without a body and leaves this dreamscape without a body. Christians put way too much emphasis on the human body which is as the Bible says just dust from dust. In time the earth itself will disintegrate back into the Infinite Oneness. Christian objections to cremation of the human body are laughable. With the exception of a minuscule number of fossilized human skeletons all the human bodies that have ever existed have been turned to dust. And that dust in some cases is recycled into other human bodies. Human dust IS NOT SACRED. It is just dust.




When Jesus died, the veil that closed off the Holy of Holies was rent in two. That has been interpreted to mean that God removed his presence from the Zionist.  He left Israel.

40 years later the Temple of Solomon was razed by the Romans and the Jews disbursed out of Israel.

Backing up. Abraham had two sons. Ismael and Isaac. Ismael was the first born. God told Sarah the mother of Isaac and Hagar the mother of Ismael that the progeny of their sons would be without number through two different metaphors.

In the 500’s, God spoke to Muhammed the progeny of Ismael. God gave Israel to the Muslims and the Temple Mount to the Muslims upon which now stands the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque.

So the factual history is that not only did God allow the Romans to destroy the Second Temple of Solomon, and disburse the Jews, he gave Israel to the Muslims and he gave them the Temple Mount. THESE ARE THE HISTORICAL FACTS and good indicators of God’s intent regarding the Jews.

Now Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, was a Rabbi, died as a Jew. Jesus established no Church. Paul did that.

The point is that the original Christians were actually Jewish Christians led by Peter. Paul was converted and went to the Gentiles. In 100, the Jewish Christians either gave up Jesus or no longer could enter the synagogs. That ended the Jewish branch of Christianity and the Gentiles took over. The Catholic Pope should have been Paul not the successors of Peter whose mission to the Jews failed. Paul wrote his letters and he significantly influenced the writing of Matthew, Mark, and Luke because the writers were Paul’s disciples. His place in the New Testament is much greater than the Catholic church has ever acknowledged.

So the present day Judaism is the dead branch and Christianity is the live branch of the old Judaism. Through Jesus, the Christian form of Judaism became the main branch of Judaism.

Remember the promise to Sarah and Hagar? The progeny of Isaac and Ismael would both be without number.

In today’s world, there are 2 +/- million Christians and the same number of Muslims. The promises of God to Sarah and Hagar have been fulfilled. There are about 15 million Jews in the world. The dead branch of Judaism

The pre-eminent Christian nation is America.  Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. The foundation of America is “All men are created equal under the law”  These two things are the same.

America is the New Jerusalem. America is a nation where all races, all nationalities, all religions live in peace. The only nation in the world like that. America is the light of the world. America is proof that the whole world can live in peace if they embrace an all-inclusive democracy as opposed to the elite exclusionary mindsets of all religions, all nations, and all races.

My signature statement: “How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nationalities, and all genders) in our vision of peace?

Right now we have Christian Nationalism that claims to promote God’s agenda by supporting a president that is breaking God’s laws.

John the Baptist said make straight the way of the Lord. You make straight the way of the Lord by obeying the 10 commandments. You make the way of the Lord crooked by giving TRUMP a pass on at least 5 of the 10 commandments. God is not working through a man who mocks his commandments.

You cannot promote God’s agenda by breaking God’s laws!!!

Israel is an apartheid state, an anathema to American democracy. Israel is maintaining a concentration camp for 2 million Palestinians in Gaza. Israel is maintaining vicariously 58 Refugee camps which are pseudo concentration camps for Palestinians throughout the Middle East. The Jews cry about the Nazi holocaust to the Jews and deny the Zionist holocaust of the Palestinians. The Jews think the resurrection and the idea that Jesus is the Messiah is a joke. God allowed the Nazis to exterminate 6 million Jews the same way he allowed the Romans to destroy the Temple of Solomon and disburse the Jews. The Zionist are illegally annexing the Occupied Territories.

The Jews are not the Chosen People of God. The Christians are the Chosen people of God through Jesus Christ a Jew.

For the Americans through Harry Truman to have established the nation of Israel by recognition was against what God has been doing to the Jews for the last 2000 years. For TRUMP and the Evangelical Christians to support the Jews, is contrary to what God seems to be doing with the Jews. The evangelical Christians are the Chosen People of God with all Christians and they are insane to give their inheritance from God through Jesus to the Jews.

The Zionist treatment of the Muslims is a repeat of the story of Cain and Abel. With the Jews being Cain and the Muslims being Abel. Both are Semitic people. They are half brothers by virtue of having one father Abraham.

The Jews acuse the world of being anti-Semitic but there are no greater and more vicious anti-Semitic people than the Jews in their treatment of the Palestinians.